Why Edgar is the bestest bestest

FROM HIM: I realise that in the quest for cheap laughs (bottom) we can sound a bit down on parenting and the whole raising Edgar malarkey, which is why I’ve decided to dedicate this post to several reasons why he is totally awesome. First class shitter Edgar can lay one at any given moment, at […]

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Birth Control After Birth. Anyone Remember The Femidom?

FROM HER: Since having Edgar I have witnessed a fair few examples of ladies who assume that, just because their nipples are still half-chewed, or their front bum is so loose not even a professional rock-climber’s sperm could get purchase, that somehow they absolutely won’t. get. pregnant. It’s a fair assumption. Trouble is, babies are […]

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Why Edgar Loves Me The Most

FROM HIM: Currently Edgar seems to have a mild preference towards me. We have reversed the stereotypical roles in our family in the name of feminism. I am the stay at home dad – assumed to be playing angry birds in my pants whilst Edgar learns to play with the stuff under the sink. Mum […]