Dunham Massey

In Which I Nearly Blind Edgar At Dunham Massey

FROM HER: The husband and I recently confessed to some friends that we are so regimented in our daily lives that we know exactly what we’ll be eating for dinner every evening between now and the New Year. We’re like a mathematically gifted child that can tell you exactly what day of the week it […]


Could Edgar’s Favourite Four Letter Word Be Love?

FROM HIM: Nope. It’s fuck. I have absolutely no idea where he’s picked it up from. * * It’s his fucking potty mouthed mum, that’s where. Unlike other words, whereby he will just say the word and move on, the F word is the kind he likes to linger over. Edgar: Fuck. FffuucK. Furrck. FUCK. […]

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A Guided Tour Around My Marriage

FROM HER: We’ve been a little busy of late, so in lieu of writing an actual blog post, for one week only I’ve decided to throw open the doors to our marriage and let you take a peek inside. Can you take your shoes off before you come in though please?   It’s Sunday night […]