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When Comforter Toys Go Wrong

FROM HER: The thing about comforter toys is that you have absolutely no control over what it is that your child will get attached to. Give a child an easily-replacable muslin to take a shine to, and he will cast it aside with contempt. Accidentally leave a pair of post-pregnancy knickers on the floor – […]


Edgar’s Second Word Is ‘Dick’

FROM HIM: ‘Toast’ was his first word. Sneaky little sod has held back on his first word and has carefully selected ‘toast’. Believe it or not, it’s his special little way of getting some toast. We were obviously overjoyed at hearing any clear pronunciation of a word, as any parents are, if they have to […]


A Blog About Miscarriage For Mumsnet

FROM HER: About five months before I fell pregnant with Edgar, I had what I now like to think of as a ‘dress rehearsal’ for the main event. There was the same stage (maternity suite), the same actors (midwives), the same technical aspects (crushingly painful uterine contractions) and even the same dialogue (can somebody please […]